Media campaigns lose or gain effectiveness based on the recommending source.

Blog readers already have a higher level of confidence and a relationship with the blogger they are following. As an example, recommendations from a blog you follow will have more impact than a banner ad.

As well, some online marketing avenues have seen costs rising by over 30% in the last year alone. Having a product or service as a sponsored post on carefully picked blogging sites targeting your audience has worked very well for B2C clients.

We have close relationships with very influential bloggers, that use social media, to give their fair opinion on your product and service, while introducing it to their readers.

Reachafy will take the time to find the bloggers that work best for you and your brand. With our knowledge and experience we work closely with influential bloggers that we have existing relationships with.

One example of Reachafy’s success is with a leading natural pet food company. New products require innovative marketing skills and Reachafy took the leading role in delivering success to a new product line for this company. Our team worked together to deliver 4.5 million unique impressions within a few weeks.